Bringing More Choice in Customised Packaging and Stationery

Duraweld Expansion

Duraweld Ltd, a leading manufacturer of presentation products and office stationery in the UK, has recently acquired assets from four well-established companies in the industry: Prima Yorkshire, Ambro Plastics, Celsur Plastics, and Abbey Stationery. This brings together a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and experience to create a stronger, more diverse organization that can better serve its customers.

Four of a Kind

The acquisition of Prima Yorkshire, a specialist in the design and manufacture of bespoke packaging, including folding cartons, which are widely used in the packaging industry. Duraweld can now offer customers a wider range of customized solutions to meet their specific needs. This is particularly important in the presentation and promotional products sector where customers are looking for innovative and unique products to help them stand out from the competition.

Duraweld aguires Prima Yorkshire, Ambro Plastics, Celsur Plastics and Abbey Stationery

Ambro Plastics, a leading supplier of plastic card holders and wallets, brings additional expertise in plastic fabrication to the Duraweld group. This expertise will enable Duraweld to develop new products and solutions for customers in a range of industries, including hospitality, retail, and healthcare.

Celsur Plastics, a manufacturer of plastic packaging and labels, complements Duraweld’s existing capabilities in the production of branded and customized presentation products. This strengthens Duraweld’s position as a leading supplier of presentation products, packaging, and labelling solutions.

Finally Abbey Stationery, a long-established supplier of office stationery, further expands Duraweld’s range of products and services. The addition of Abbey Stationery’s products and expertise means that Duraweld can now offer customers a complete range of office stationery products, including pens, filing solutions and many other promotional goods.

Greater range of Stationery and Packaging

Overall, the inclusion of these four companies brings significant benefits to Duraweld’s customers. With a wider range of products and services available, customers can find everything they need from a single supplier, reducing the complexity and cost of procurement. Duraweld’s expanded capabilities also mean that customers can benefit from more customized and innovative solutions, tailored to their specific needs.

This strengthens Duraweld’s position as a leading supplier in the UK and provides the company with the resources and expertise to expand into new markets and product areas. This, in turn, will benefit customers as Duraweld continues to innovate and develop new products and services.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Prima Yorkshire, and inclusion of Ambro Plastics, Celsur Plastics, and Abbey Stationery is a significant development for Duraweld and its customers. By bringing together a wealth of expertise and resources, Duraweld is better equipped than ever to provide its customers with a wider range of products and services, tailored to their specific needs.



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