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Answering your Paper Over Board (POB) questions

Our paper over board expertise is used for personalised ring binders, custom gift boxes, slipcases, sample folders and so much more. Our paper over board FAQ is here to help answer some of the most common questions asked by customers across a diverse sector. Paper over board (POB) is the best for high quality printed stationery and packaging, whether its retail, promotion or branding.

Paper over board


What is paper over board used for?

Paper over board commonly abbreviated to POB, is used by stationery, packaging, and book manufacturers. For books it allows a printed cover design to be directly bound to the hardback cover in favour of a dust jacket. This same technique is used for stationery on ring binders, lever arch files, boxes, slipcases, notebooks, and journals.

Almost everyone will have held a paper over board product without knowing the manufacturing process used behind the scenes. Paper over board provides a higher quality end product than direct product printing used for food and toy packaging, and similar mass-produced packaging.


What makes paper over board ring binders popular?

Paper over board is superb for printed products, especially artwork designs that use photos. Ring binders can be manufactured to almost any size, allowing you to get a perfect binder every time. The wrapped printed sheet can be finished in gloss or matt laminate, or in a specialist soft-touch or anti-scuff laminate for extra durability.

A4 Lever Arch Paper over board ring binder


How many products can be made from paper over board?

Paper over board (POB) can be used for ring binders, lever arch files, product & gift boxes, sample folders, swatch holders, slipcases, menus, journal covers, and notebooks. The variations of products, style and print is vast. Slim ring binders to heavy duty binders, personalised gift boxes to magnetic boxes. Ask us how paper over board can become your new favourite product range.


Are customs sizes available?

Paper over board offers the most flexibility for choice of size. We offer a range of sizes from A6 to A3 for POB ring binders, including landscape binders. Our document & file boxes, clam shell boxes, box & lids, or fold over flap with magnetic closures can be customised in all three dimensions, width, height & depth.

Across our range of paper over board products whether its a decorative ring binder or a personalised gift box, our custom POB products can be adjusted to produce a product to your size requirements.

Paper over board FAQ POB ring binder sizes A3, A4, A5 & A4 landscape ring binder


What is paper over board used for?

Paper over board is heavily utilised by stationery, gift, and book manufacturers. For books it allows a printed cover design to be directly bound to the hardback cover in favour of a dust jacket. This same technique is used for stationery on ring binders, lever arch files, boxes, slipcases, notebooks, and journals.


What does paper-over-board mean?

Paper-over-board means literally paper covered cardboard. The paper outer is ideal for printing photo quality artwork in a variety of finishes. The cardboard provides rigidity to create the product whether its book covers, ring binders or boxes.


Can you make a custom ring binder in paper over board?

Yes, and yes. Custom ring binders using paper over board are a perfect match. POB offers the most flexibility for ring binder size. From tiny A6 pocket size folders, to standard A4 every day ring binders up to A3 binders. We also have options for magnetic closures, and fold over flaps. For sample swatches our tri-fold & quad-fold folders are a great solution for a slim design that is easy to carry and offers a larger area for showcasing your products.

Paper over board FAQ Magnetic Closure POB ring binder multi-crease spine with gloss logo

Ask us about our Custom Ring Binders


What capacities are available?

A wide range of capacities are available from small 15mm presentation, to standard 25mm & 40mm, up to 65mm high capacity. Super capacities are also available up to and beyond 80mm. All our ring binders can be customised to fit the perfect size mechanism for you. Custom capacities are available on all our paper over board products including magnetic boxes, binder slipcases and document boxes.

Paper over board FAQ POB a4 ring binder capacities


Are other materials choices available?

The choice of material is vast. As well as printed laminated sheets, paper over board products like POB ring binders can be made using, textured papers, book cloth and fabrics. There are even eco-friendly options made from ocean waste plastic.


What choices of finish are available for paper over board?

Including regular gloss, matt, soft-touch and anti-scuff laminate, your printed sheets can also be foil-blocked, and UV gloss printed. Foil-blocking uses metallic foil for logos and titles to be embossed on to plain or printed sheets adding an extra look of luxury. UV gloss printing is great for logos, adding an extra sheen that is visible when light reflects off it.


What types of mechanisms are available?

The most popular is the D-ring mechanism and lever arch. We also offer O-ring and Q-ring variations. Available with a choice of 2 or 4 rings, with options for specialist mechanism including 6-ring Filofax for journals.

  • O-ring has round circle shape like the letter O
  • D-ring is the same as a capital letter D
  • Q-ring is rectangle shaped with rounded corners
  • Arch ring or lever arch mechanisms are shaped like an upside-down letter U

Did you know mechanisms can be coloured to match your branding and design? Ask about our powder-coated mechanisms to find out more.

Paper over board FAQ, O-ring, D-ring, Q-ring, lever arch ring binder mechansims


Is paper over board strong?

Paper over board ring binders are just as strong as their vinyl and polypropylene counterparts. Our range of super capacity Q-ring binders are designed to hold contents measured in kilograms. The POB ring binders have been stress tested to ensure the mechanism stays in place even during rigorous use.

We recently produced a custom sample case, used to carry up to 10kg of concrete paving samples. The paper over board presentation box included a strap handle for easy carrying, with a wrap-around lid and clip to keep the samples secure during transit.


How is paper over board made?

Paper over board (ring binders & boxes) manufacturing is the process of taking an oversized paper sheet and wrapping it round a cardboard inner. The outer sheet is usually printed, making the most of high-quality options available from print media. The cardboard can also be wrapped in textured papers or bookcloth for a luxury finish.

Paper over board FAQ. POB ring binder manufacturing, paper wrapping


What is a turned edge binder?

A turned edge binder is the same as paper over board. Turned edge refers to the manufacturing method of turning or wrapping the paper sheet around the cardboard. The paper over board term focuses on the type of material that is wrapped around the cardboard to produce the stationery or packaging product.


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