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    Invest in the convenience and reliability of our cold seal pockets and data seal overlays. Contact Duraweld today to explore our range of options and find the perfect pocket size and configuration to meet your packaging needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your items are securely packaged and professionally presented.

    • Your Size, Your Choice

      Our pockets and overlays are manufactured to meet your size specifications. While we offer a selection of ready-to-order options, this is just a glimpse of what we can provide. You have the freedom to select from our extensive tool set of sizes, or if your needs are unique, we offer the option to go fully custom.

      Our bespoke manufacturing capabilities are poised to create stationery and packaging solutions that align seamlessly with your specific goals and requirements.

    • No Laminating Machine Needed!

      Whether you’re at the office, organising an event, or handling important documents, these products streamline the process with their easy-to-use design. Seal without heat and ensure exceptional visibility, use them in various settings, no matter where you are or when you need them. Duraweld’s Cold Seal Pockets & Pouches and Data Seal Overlays offer fantastic convenience.

  • Cold Seal Pouches

    Cold Seal Pouches

    Seal with Ease and Confidence
    Cold seal pouches offer a hassle-free way to secure items within a protective cover, without the need for laminating machines. Perfect for various flat, lightweight products such as ID cards, day passes, safety instructions, menus, and photographs, our cold seal pockets have you covered.

    Three Simple Steps!
    Insert your item – Peel the backing – Press and seal

    Cold Seal Pouches, No laminating machine needed.

    Strong Cold Seal Adhesive
    The secret behind our Cold Seal Pouches is the cold seal adhesive. Once sealed, it forms a robust and secure bond that keeps your contents safely enclosed. Just fold over the flap, apply a bit of pressure, and you’re done. Say goodbye to traditional heat-sealing methods – streamlining the packaging process, making it faster and more efficient. Whether you’re setting up at an event, organizing a conference, or preparing a travel pack, these pockets are a game-changer.

    Exceptional Clarity
    But that’s not all – our Cold Seal Pouches offer exceptional clarity and visibility. The transparent material allows for easy viewing and showcasing of the contents inside, making them perfect for promotional materials, product displays, or any application where visibility matters.

    User-Friendly Design
    Duraweld’s Cold Seal Pouches are designed with convenience in mind. The adhesive pockets feature a peel-off release liner that protects the adhesive until you’re ready to seal. Removing this liner is a breeze, ensuring a quick and hassle-free sealing process. Our user-friendly design saves you valuable time and effort.

    Durable Materials
    Crafted from top-quality materials, our pouches provide durability and protection. They are designed to withstand tearing, punctures, and moisture, guaranteeing that your items remain in pristine condition during storage or transit.

    Choose Duraweld’s Cold Seal Pouches & Pockets for a packaging solution that combines efficiency, clarity, and durability. Seal the deal with ease and confidence.

  • Data Seal Overlays

    Data Seal Overlays

    Protect and Secure Your Documents

    Data seal adhesive overlays offer reliable protection for your documents. Whether you require a full-size adhesive overlay or a partial overlay for signature strips or form data, we have the right size to meet your needs. These overlays serve a dual purpose: shielding your documents from dust, moisture, and dirt while also acting as a tamper-proof safeguard.

    Simple Application in Three Steps!
    Position and Place – Peel the Backing – Press and Seal

    Cold Seal Pouches, No laminating machine needed.

    Edge-to-Edge Sealing
    Our data seal adhesive ensures a robust seal from edge to edge. The overlay features a convenient peel-off liner that safeguards the adhesive until you’re ready to use it. With our easy split-back peel edge, finding the starting point is a breeze. Use the top edge strip for precise positioning, allowing you to gradually press and seal as you remove the backing.

    Exceptional Material Transparency
    Our clear overlay offers outstanding visibility. The transparent material allows for effortless viewing of the contents beneath, making these overlays perfect for certificates, equine documents, horse and livery passports. They provide an extra layer of protection once details are completed, ensuring the information remains secure and visible.

    Choose Data Seal Overlays for a versatile and protective solution for your documents. Seal, protect, and enhance the visibility of your important paperwork with ease.

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  • What are Cold Seal Pockets & Pouches used for?

    Cold Seal Pouches & Pockets are used to secure and protect items like ID cards, day passes, safety instructions, menus, and photographs without the need for laminating machines.

  • How do I seal Cold Seal Pouches?

    Sealing is a breeze with these products. Simply insert your item, peel the backing, and press to seal. No laminating machine needed!

  • Are custom size cold seal pouches available?

    Yes, we offer custom manufacturing capabilities to provide sizes tailored to your specific needs.

  • What makes Data Seal Overlays tamper-proof?

    Data Seal Overlays act as a protective and tamper-proof shield for documents, making it evident if someone tries to alter or tamper with the content.

  • Can I order both products in bulk quantities?

    Yes, we offer bulk ordering options for both Cold Seal Pockets & Pouches and Data Seal Overlays.

  • Are these products suitable for outdoor use?

    Yes, our products are designed to withstand moisture and protect your items in various conditions, including outdoor use.

  • What industries commonly use these cold seal products?

    Our products are versatile and used across various industries, including events, conferences, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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